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Jill Duzan Willey

Jill Duzan Willey is the owner and creative vision behind Jill Duzan, LLC. Jill’s extensive experience has taught her that design is a vehicle to deliver measurable results, or as Jill calls it, “return on design”. Jill enjoys building client relationships, allowing her to become a bridge from the client to the design. Working with clients in multiple industries has given her much insight into the clients’ needs and the importance of design supporting the client’s purpose—being about people and their activities. When it comes to people, processes, and projects, Jill always finds a better approach and a better solution. Jill’s commitment to “make a difference” motivates her to drive the design process beyond traditional methods which culminates in exceptional results. Jill is a true visionary. She has a unique ability to walk into a space and visulize its potential almost immediately. Jill’s passion, creativity, and vision have built the foundation for an exceptional design experience.


Katelyn Yoder

For nearly 8 years, she’s been an integral part of the Jill Duzan team, starting with a year-long internship. Katelyn graduated from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design Technology from Purdue University. Her passion for design started at a young age when she enjoyed rearranging her room and taking nearly every art class her high school offered. Growing up in Amish country, Shipshewana, she found beauty and inspiration in the meticulously designed flower beds and quilt designs but wanted to translate that into interior spaces as well.

Now, armed with her NCIDQ Certification since 2023, Katelyn crafts functional yet visually appealing spaces. She values connecting with clients to find creative solutions for their needs and desires. Design is a collaborative process that thrives on dynamic communication between designers and clients. A truly successful design not only looks nice but also functions well and adheres to budget guidelines.

Outside work, Katelyn lives in an old farmhouse in Alexandria, surrounded by cornfields and a barn that’s begging for chickens and goats. Her two lively boys, Luca and Weston, keep her and her husband Brett entertained and busy chasing them around.